Jason Schoener, 1919 - 1997

An early stash of figurative oils was found early in 2012 while cleaning out the Schoener homestead in Maine for sale. Many of these pictures were unframed or even cut off stretcher bars for storage. Many are undated or unsigned, but attributable by association with the group in which they were found.

Untitled, oil on canvas, 18"x22", circa 1940, unstretched, $1200
Untitled, oil on canvas, 20"x46", circa 1940, unstretched, $1400
Untitled, oil/charcoal on canvas, 19"x31", circa 1946, unstretcedh, very worn, $900
Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 19"x29", circa 1940, unstretched, $1200
Before the Barn, Oil on Canvas, 16"x20", 1947, $2000, SOLD

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